New Boats at Shepherds Marine

Viko Yachts


VIKO YACHTS has over 30 years’ experience as nautical manufacturer which has earned us a renowned place on the international market as one of the most acclaimed and dynamically developing yacht producers.

Improvement and cutting-edge design are the key to our success. We are constantly investing in the stock of machine tools, introducing new models each year and applying leading edge solutions. VIKO YACHTS has merged the integration of new technologies into craftsmanship that guides our boatbuilding. Our products are the result of combined efforts of Italian and German designers, as well as our own design team, backed up by almost 30 years’ expertise.

Cranchi Power Boats


Our story began 150 years ago, building boats for those who were drawn from all over Europe to the beauty of Lake Como. The legacy of Giovanni Cranchi – who registered the company in 1870 – has been handed down from generation to generation, and even today, the vision upon which Cranchi Yachts is founded remains the same.

Today, the boats we build are larger, with cutting-edge materials and technologies that represent a point of reference for the sector. But the promise we make to boat owners around the world remains unchanged: to combine pleasure with beauty. Coupling the unique beauty of the sea with the pleasure of owning a yacht that is the purest expression of the best in Italian design. Because beauty is our only basis for comparison. As it has been for 150 years.

Nautique Power Boats


Discovering your love of surfing doesn’t need to be found along the coast. Inland waterways turn into surfing paradises when your boat comes equipped with the Nautique Surf System (NSS). Throw the rope back to the boat and experience the freedom of carving your own personal endless wave. Our NSS shapes up customizable surf waves so that you and your friends can be living the dream all summer long.

There’s a higher level of comfort when you purchase a new Nautique thanks to our 5-Year Transferable Warranty*. Over the course of our 95-year history we have built a reputation on creating trust and loyalty with our owners by always having their back. We want you to have the best ownership experience possible, that’s why we go through great lengths to make certain you are enjoying your Nautique precisely the way it was designed.

Chris Craft Power Boats

Chris Craft

Anyone who knows anything about boats will know about Chris Craft. Crafted with the same passion and dedication as they were 145 years ago, Chris-Craft boats continue to speak to boat enthusiasts everywhere. Whether it’s an open bow ideal for socializing, or a larger cruiser with a cabin for extended excursions, every inch of every boat we build is carefully considered. The Chris Craft range is aimed at the discerning buyer for whom quality is paramount, and who is pursuing their boat purchase as an investment in their leisure time with their family. From the minute you step aboard, the quality of the build stands out and you know you’ve ‘arrived’. This is the pinnacle of boat craftsmanship and design. Of course, then when you start the engines and hear their deep, bassy, purr, you also then know that the craftsmanship and engineering is going to give you nothing but the best performance out on the water.

It’s almost difficult to put into words just how good a Chris Craft is. You need to get on board to see for yourself. Contact Shepherds Windermere today and one of our experts will discuss your requirements with you and can arrange a viewing or demo at your convenience. Trust us – you won’t be disappointed.