New Boats at Shepherds Marine

Bavaria Yachts


Most sailors in the UK are very aware of the hugely popular Bavaria Yachts brand, with its reputation being built over many decades, to become one of the most successful yacht builders in the world. Built in the heart of Germany since 1978, Bavaria Yachts have developed into one of the largest manufacturers of sailing and motor cruisers in Europe, building up to 4000 boats a year for customers worldwide.

In collaboration with the Italian design agency Too Design, Bavaria has developed an exceptional and luxurious range of motor yachts that satisfy every demand. With their spacious living and outdoor areas, superior craftsmanship and unwavering customer support, Bavaria is committed to major innovation across the product line, all aimed at improving the boating experience for your family, friends and guests.

Choose between twelve models in the current Bavaria Sailing line, from the Cruiser 34 with two cabins to the brand new C57 available with up to five cabins plus an optional crew cabin, or the new flagship C65 - The epitome of luxury with a spacious 4 cabins plus option crew cabin. Functionality, comfort, and safe yet outstanding sailing performance are what characterises the CRUISER line

Four Winns Sports Boats and Motor Cruisers

Four Winns

Four Winns owners have something special in common. It's not their age, nor their backgrounds. Four Winns owners share a philosophy; life should be a beautiful ride. They believe life is better when surrounded by friends who are surrounded by fine upholstery. They believe in packing as much as they can into a weekend, and desire the ample storage to do so. They believe that any vehicle with a cockpit should have the power to thrill. When crafting a Four Winns, we focus on quality. Our intelligent engineering, quality manufacturing, and expert craftsmanship make for fulfilling experiences that deliver a more beautiful ride.

With Four Winns award-winning patented Stable Vee ® hull, experience the water like never before. Through expert engineering, all Four Winns models provide enhanced lateral stability both on plane and at rest, along with crisp cornering, handling, and better fuel efficiency. Through the after pods located on the transom, Four Winns plane at lower speeds and have significantly less bow rise than the competition. With the Four Winns Stable Vee ® you are always in full command of your boat,Available from 18 to 38 feet.

Greenline Hybrid Power Yachts


When designing and building our yachts maximizing your well-being on board is our main focus. We appreciate and share your passion for boating and we strive to provide you with relaxing and enjoyable cruise every single time you go out on the water with your family or friends. Greenline Yachts deliver more comfort, greater ease of handling and more fun than any other boat in its class. Outstanding design adds a new dimension that allows you to savour the quietness of the water as you would on a sailing yacht without polluting your surroundings or the environment with exhaust, noise or wake. Greenline Hybrid will take you to any of your favourite cruising spots in complete comfort and safety regardless of whether they are inland waterways, lakes, inshore waters or islands.

The Greenline Hybrid concept is a powerful answer to environmental concerns as it uses up to four times less fossil fuel than a planning powerboat in similar conditions. Not only does this innovation reduce fuel consumption, it also allows efficient electric propulsion using power supplied by the battery and solar power. Designed and built by leisure marine specialists and craftsmen with the latest infusion technology using the best materials available Greenline Yachts bring the highest possible value for our customers.

Viko Yachts


VIKO YACHTS has over 30 years’ experience as nautical manufacturer which has earned us a renowned place on the international market as one of the most acclaimed and dynamically developing yacht producers.

Improvement and cutting-edge design are the key to our success. We are constantly investing in the stock of machine tools, introducing new models each year and applying leading edge solutions. VIKO YACHTS has merged the integration of new technologies into craftsmanship that guides our boatbuilding. Our products are the result of combined efforts of Italian and German designers, as well as our own design team, backed up by almost 30 years’ expertise.